Guacamole, a successful dip

Avomix foresees reaching 10 million units marketed of this dip in 2018

In Spain, more and more consumers are opting for dipping, with healthy sauces such as guacamole and, to a large extent, this could be due to its similarity to the national ‘tapa’ culture. This is the reflection made by Daniel Zapata, Marketing Manager at Avomix. The increase in these products has encouraged an increase in sales, which in the case of the company from Malaga, will rise from around 7 million units of guacamole marketed this year, to 10 in 2018. “We are growing significantly thanks to the distribution in supermarkets such as Lidl, Carrefour, Supersol…” In Spain the company’s products are sold both under their own brand name (Fresh Mix), and with the distributor’s name, whilst in France and the United Kingdom they have specific labels.

Along with its two versions of guacamole (mild and spicy), they have another variety of dip, Chunky, prepared with tomatoes and with a “surprising flavour”. They also market other products such as avocados that are sliced, diced and halved with and without peel, vacuum packed and frozen in different formats for end consumers and the Horeca channel; along with an extensive range of fruit juices, all of them 100% natural, without preservatives, additives or added sugars. In this segment, the company is preparing the launch of a new label that continues with the natural, select line of the other products and will probably be presented at the next edition of Fruit Attraction, where it will have its own stand, with a style showing great care and alluding to the ‘healthy’ world and nature. A highly effective communication for consumers, who are increasingly opting for healthy products, free from added sugars and as natural as possible, Zapata explains.

Currently, the company is working on enlarging its installations and it foresees having the last phase of the work ready in 2018, including new machinery to increase production. Over the past two years, they have invested 7.5 million euros in acquiring 6,000 m² of land and the extension of their head offices.

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