Premium flavour, but going back to its roots

Gautier’s Golotyna is intending to take the organisation back to round cherry tomatoes, smaller and with a high Brix level.

In recent times, the cherry tomato has dominated the flavourful, mini tomato segment, taking advantage of the gap left by the round one, afflicted by overzealous productivity in the sector. And now Gautier wants to give the lost status back to the traditional cherry tomato, with Golotyna, a variety which, with over 10 Brix degrees, offers excellent flavour, very good colour and an ideal size (25-28 mm). Recommended for harvesting loose, it can be used for vines in the winter. Its plantation dates range from the middle of August to the middle of September in greenhouses in Almeria, and it may also be placed under netting in the summer. A wide range of resistances (Tylcv) and good cracking tolerance complete this variety’s characteristics that will allow it to “differentiate both the farmers and the specialist companies backing it”, Manuel Martínez, sales manager for west Almeria, Andalusia and the Canary Islands, states. In the pear cherry segment, Gautier has three flavourful varieties for harvesting loose, with different shades and colours, bringing originality to the packaging: Bellaccio (extremely sweet red); Razolo (fruity orange) and Goldor (mild flavoured yellow). In the high production and post-harvest cherry tomato line, they have designed C113 and C101 for long cycles, harvesting on vine and loose, tolerant to cracking and resistant to TY.

For another of Gautier’s star product lines, lettuces, they have now incorporated: Electra (E917), a baby lettuce for heads and hearts with all the resistances; I597 (cosberg), F967 (mini romaine for autumn and winter; and BR529 for multi-leaf (pre-prepared produce).

The company continues to innovate its courgette portfolio with Noriac, green for open air with triple resistance plus powdery mildew, suitable for export. N109 (pre-commercial), a highly technical variety that is very early and hyper-productive, which stands out for its adaptation to the new growing conditions in Almeria that have been imposed after the appearance of the N. Delhi (greater sealing of greenhouses, etc.). Particularly indicated for the October to December plantations. They have also launched Gravity (round courgette for open air cultivation, resistant to virus diseases) and Luneor (round, yellow courgette).

In the melon line, they are offering three varieties of Charentais that complete the cycle: Alasco (good size in early harvesting); Jenga (for late harvesting, calibre 12 with very good presence and production) and GSF1534 (mid-season, very good taste quality and resistance of the plant).

Finally, in cauliflowers they have developed P214 for 90 day cycles, indicated for harvests in Zafarraya and Navarre at the end of September and October and in coastal areas in the winter.

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