Campo de Lorca, committed to R&D


The company has new lines of semi-processed produce in florettes and is finishing off its Cricket Bio creams project for 2021.

As a specialist in Brassicas, at Campo de Lorca they are continuing with their innovation in spite of the current situation and in this campaign they are working on new finished, semi-processed produce lines in trays with broccoli and cauliflower florettes, as well as a mix of the two.

Looking to next year, the development of a new range of ecological creams is in the final phase, under the brand name Cricket Bio. They intend to use this range to deal with the interest in natural, organic products, without any artificial ingredients and to reach consumers who are looking for healthy food, but in more convenient formats. Initially they will launch two versions, broccoli and cauliflower, with a pleasant flavour, smooth texture and a ‘real’, additive-free colour. The idea is to start marketing in Spain, studying the behaviour in order to subsequently begin introducing it in the export range.

Taking advantage of Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, they presented this line at the Innovation Hub, and were finalists in the Fresh Produce category, a good omen for the success that these products could have once they are on the market.

“Balance must be sought”

 In this campaign, Campo de Lorca is backing a continuist line in its star product, broccoli, maintaining both the volume and surface area of 2019/20. “We prefer to be consistent and look for a balance between supply and demand,” Toñi Piernas, head of communication, explains. And the fact is that, although the previous campaign concluded with good figures due to the increase in the programmes caused by the coronavirus (which turned this product into a “basic” item in the shopping basket), the general increase in the surface area and the mild temperatures have meant the campaign has started off with bad prices due to an excess in offer.

Campo de Lorca is seeing most growth in the bio segment. “The trend continues and in order to respond to the demand, we have increased the production by 18% compared to the previous year, both in broccoli and in cauliflower.” Both now represent almost 10% of the company’s total production.

Cauliflower deserves special attention; a vegetable with “great possibilities”, which has made the company grow over the past 3 years and with which they expect to continue extending their market share. “It is a complicated product, because consumer demands are high: they are looking for a snow white head and a size that is adapted to the new market trends. We have been studying new varieties for years now, working with seed companies until obtaining materials that have also made us into a reference in this product.” Now they can serve the produce 52 weeks of the year, with a quality product, adapted to the new sizes demanded by consumers.

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