Carburos Metálicos: solutions for persimmons

Removing the astringency from persimmons has been one of the sector’s greatest success stories. The company Carburos Metálicos has been one of the firms behind this change.

Sonia Guri, head of R&D from the Grupo de Agroalimentación de Carburos Metálicos, explained to Fruit Today how they managed to eliminate the fruit’s astringency.

What solutions does Carburos Metálicos offer for treating persimmons whilst in storage?

We are experts in applying carbon dioxide to remove the astringency from persimmons. The system is mainly based on the use of CO2, but it also uses mixtures of CO2/N2. The process requires a treatment in a CO2 atmosphere for several hours, followed by storage in air, obtaining a non-astringent fruit, without losing firmness and with a high quality.

In addition to this, we have implemented a telemetry system of the CO2 deposits in order for the gas consumption to be completely monitored, ensuring the supply when necessary. This system prevents halts in the astringency removal process, which can be harmful to the efficiency of the application.

How does this method work?

The astringency of the persimmon is due to its soluble tannin content, which is freed when the fruit is eaten and causes this feeling of roughness. The anaerobic conditions created by the CO2 atmosphere stimulate the production of acetaldehyde by the fruit which, when combined with the soluble tannins makes them insoluble, in this way removing the astringency.

What are the advantages of this process compared to others?

The treatment time is reduced to 24 hours using an automated, flexible process, with some highly competitive costs.

Our treatments are adapted to the different needs and we have a telemetry system that guarantees the required production level. We also have the only post-storage chamber process developed by our R&D Department to lengthen the produce’s useful lifespan.

Could a persimmon that lasts longer on the market be obtained?

Yes, we can work with the vacuum packaging technique (also called EAP), which allows the useful lifespan of the persimmons to be lengthened, as well as offering new, more attractive marketing formats for the end consumer. The FreshlineÒSuperfresh technology, which combines cryogenic freezing with vacuum packaging also offers new possibilities to lengthen the campaign.

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