Citrosol’s ‘KNOW-HOW container’ is on its way to Fruit Logística

The Valencian firm, Citrosol, will be shipping their ‘KNOW-HOW container’ to Germany. This mobile exhibition room outlines the best practices needed to protect post-harvest produce and make intercontinental export a reality.

At Fruit Logistica Citrosol are proud to display their ‘KNOW-HOW container’, where visitors will be able to visualize, in just half a dozen steps, the most critical stages that would see their produce arrive in perfect condition to more distant destinations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. “Our ‘KNOW-HOW container’ is dedicated to the exportation of Citrus fruit overseas, with processes that start at the time of harvesting the fruit and continue right through until it reaches the end consumer,” said Citrosol’s CEO and Scientific Director, Benito Orihuel.

Citrosol are exhibiting in Hall 18 stand C-07, where we will be delighted to welcome all of our international clients and distributors who will have travelled from all over the world to find out more about ​​the latest developments in post-harvest protection offered for their produce. Solutions such as drencher treatments with our Zero Waste System (Sistema Vertido Cero®) or the Citrosol AS EU waxes that mitigate energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions plus our tools for disinfection such as our featured product, Fumispore® or products for reducing chilling damage and discoloring with solutions like Fortisol®Ca.

The ‘KNOW-HOW container’ is made up of half a dozen sections showing informative posters and display panels that encompass Harvesting, Drencher treatment, Wax treatment, Pre-cooling, Hygiene and Transport. In Berlin, as previously in Madrid, we will be imparting that information through a series of informative images and graphics depicting the most appropriate tools for the job and so instrumental to good quality control.

Our guests at Fruit Logistica 2016 will see exhibits as diverse as the harvesting of fruit without damaging it, the most appropriate models of cutters to use and why citrus fruit should be treated with fungicides within 24 hours of picking.

Technological innovation. This edition of Fruit Logistica will also be different for Citrosol having just won the top prize for Technological Innovation at the Cepyme awards. “At a convention such as Fruit Logistica where a high value is placed upon R&D in the Horti-Fruticulture Sector we are very proud to offer, by way of introduction, our extensive catalog that has been publically praised for its innovative nature by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprise (Cepyme)” said Benito Orihuel.

To bring to fruition all of our research work at Citrosol we have at our disposal in our Potríes facilities, research laboratories and a fully functioning pilot plant to develop and fine tune R&D&i investigations.

We keep growing. Towards the end of the year we at Citrosol embarked on one of our largest projects yet; the expansion of our facilities to serve our ever growing volume of work and to satisfy our burgeoning order-book.

Fruit Logistica will provide the ideal stage for us to demonstrate to our clients how our new extension will serve to multiply the space devoted to R&D. There will be a pilot plant that will incorporate a drencher to aid development, along with a full line-up of post-harvest treatments. “As our laboratories perform their analysis more effectively,” added Orihuel, “we want to give answers more quickly and to develop new diagnostic methods, that is to achieve ‘real time’ detection of resistance and to prevent the possible onset of postharvest physiological disorders and develop new research projects.”

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