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Escandell is incorporating the ‘Líder de Villaconejos’ brand


The Catalan company has incorporated one of the leading melon and watermelon brands from the Spanish Manchego region to its portfolio

This is the first campaign in which Frutas Escandell is working with the famous melon and watermelon company, ‘Líder de Villaconejos’, a traditional melon-growing company that dates back to 1925. The sales are fluid because it is a brand that does not disappoint and the Manchegan company’s work philosophy fits in very well with our company,” the manager Vicente Escandell explains.

Frutas Escandell, with the fourth generation of the family already in the business, decided to back Mercabarna’s Central Fruit and Vegetable Market even before its refurbishment. Vicente Escandell– the third generation, along with his siblings Aurora and Joan at the head of the company, argues that “Mercabarna is an active, dynamic market which in recent years has considerably increased operations in the international area, attracting foreign buyers, and for this reason, we have promoted the foreign market a great deal, particularly using groupage loads.”

From its stands in halls B and D of the ‘Mercat Central’, the company offers a consolidated and complete range of quality fruit and vegetables, amongst which strawberries, fungi and cherries stand out due to the company’s significant specialisation. “We have strawberries from different sources in Spain to cover the entire annual calendar under the brands Naturfresa and No&Ca. In the autumn, the fungi start, with saffron milk caps, along with other varieties, which are deeply-rooted in Catalan cooking, such as “ceps”, “llenegues” and “camagrocs”. And in the spring-summer period, cherries take the lead, along with stone fruit,” the executive adds.

Furthermore, the opening of the Biomarket in Mercabarna’s food unit last November has meant a nudge for the distribution and marketing of ecological fruit and vegetables “without criminalising conventional fruit and vegetables which, in fact, in our country have a very high food safety level,” Escandell comments.


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