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Central Dica has carried out a huge refurbishment project for all its stands in Mercabarna, and it will do the same in Madrid in the near future.

After over six months of work, the company has finalised the refurbishment of its eight stands: four in F and four in B halls. The work has completely transformed the company’s previous infrastructure. Fruit Today euromagazine talked to Lorenzo Carrasco, National and Export Sales Manager.

You have carried out a magnificent refurbishment. What did it involve?

The work has been complete; it does not just cover what can be seen, but also what it means when working. We have looked for convenience for the workers and efficiency while developing tasks. In reality, everything is new, from the offices to the storage rooms. We were faced with many social and consumption changes and our company is continuously growing, adapting to the demands of the markets.

What changes have you detected?

Obviously, a boom in online shopping and the appearance of new platforms, which are not only fighting to offer a good service, but also to do it in as little time as possible: around 10 minutes for the large cities such as Barcelona and I am sure that this idea will spread to the other towns in Spain.

Moreover, we have seen how, during the pandemic, supermarkets increased their market share. We have always been very focused on this area, but today, if possible, we are even more so. Our philosophy has always been very marked by establishing relations based on mutual trust with clients and this has allowed us to grow.

It is also worth thinking about greater specialisation in certain products. In our case, we have put all our efforts into mangos and avocados, both in Barcelona and Madrid, including mango imports by air from Peru and Mexico. Avocado sales are overwhelming. And regarding grapes, our specialisation in varieties and different sources is extraordinary.

In addition to carrying out this infrastructures refurbishment, you have also remodelled the business. What does this mean?

Yes, indeed. This was performed last year and Central Dica took over Fruica, SA, Lorenfruit, SA and Dica Pak, SA. On the productive side, we have La Pequeña Holanda, in Cadiz, specialised in winter vegetables and root crops.

The new business structure gives us greater flexibility and allows us to create synergies that previously were more difficult. It is a way of taking advantage of the everyday opportunities, for example, with something as simple as moving goods from one stand to another, because this no longer involves having to buy or sell the goods.

How are the exports going?

Within the uncertainties affecting the world due to the pandemic and its new outbreaks, we recorded a significant boom on the Asian markets two months ago, but this has slowed down again because Spanish fruit quality has not been good enough for a market that always seeks excellence. We have not managed to maintain continuity. In Africa, we have increased sales by sea to countries on the western coast, but there is very little shipping by air as consumption is not taking off. Obviously, we, along with everyone else, have been seriously affected by the increase in shipping costs. And regarding the Arab Emirates markets, we are maintaining our relations of trust to ensure we do not lose any ground.

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