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Ronda Fruits, unstoppable


The Catalan company is not wasting any time. During the toughest part of the pandemic it designed its expansion strategy with a new line of exotic fruits and it consolidated its export activity

Ronda Fruits has always emphasised its own brands, which are highly valued by its clients. In addition to Ronda Fruits, Ronda Verde and Ronda Fruits Bio, it is now incorporating the brand Bubó, devoted to both mangos and avocados, with which it is reaching excellent results.

From the infrastructure point of view, next month it will start construction on a new warehouse covering 8,000 square metres, divided into two buildings, which will contribute to greater efficiency in the development of the business. “Owing to our constant organic growth, it has become essential to have more space. Therefore, one of the buildings will be solely devoted to exports and the other to the Spanish market,” according to Albert García, the company’s Sales Manager.

The company has made an important commitment to export, an activity that it was already familiar with, but that was significantly centred on France and Italy. Now, with a larger human team, it will expand through Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, etc.

In spite of this summer’s generalised shortage of stone fruit, Ronda Fruits can boast of having no stock-out, thanks to its trusted supplier, Fruits de Ponent, one of the most important companies in Europe, from which the company’s OKI flat peaches stand out. “We know that with this supplier, we have market regularity guaranteed,” García comments.

For Ronda Fruits the pandemic has introduced changes in their working model, with trends that are here to stay, such as working from home, a working method that is used by some of the company’s employees several days of the week.

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