Frutas Esther reaches 3,000 tonnes

The company from Murcia, with its own strawberry production in Cartaya, reached around 3,000 tonnes of produce.

“We consider ourselves to be basically strawberry growers, and we were notamongthe companies that immediately launched themselves towards small berries because we didn’t understand it at the time, although now, however, we have carried out some trials with raspberries and blueberries to try and give a more complete service to our customers”, explainsGerardo Gómez, production manager in Huelva.

The company clearly focuses on exports, with over 90% of its volume devoted to sales in virtually all the European countries, with markets that are all over the continent, ranging from Scandinavia and the Czech Republic, to England, Germany, the Baltic Countries or Italy.

100 % of the production is grown under macro tunnels. Trials are being carried out on over 30 varieties from different improvement programmes all over the world. Fortuna stands out in production as one of the most numerous. Furthermore, this year they are also producing out new materials such as A10 and Marilyn.

Frutas Esther is one of the leading private companies in stone fruit, which supplements this with productions as diverse as grapes, persimmons and berries.

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