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Futura’s ‘future’ lies in the Eastern Bloc countries

The company Futura is highly active on markets in what previously was the Soviet Union, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan or Tajikistan, which are all booming

Functioning since 2010, but with significant experience in the fruit and vegetable growing machinery sector, Futura was born with an exporting vocation and a totally untraditional work philosophy: they do not have any standard solutions; rather, they create them by adapting to the reality of each country they work with. Maximum flexibility, ease of use and streamlined made-to-measure machinery to provide a service where close client links encourage ‘one-to-one’ relations both face to face and at a distance. A clear example of this is the company’s commitment to remote control for carrying out maintenance tasks in just a few minutes in countries that are a long way from their operating headquarters in Cesena. “Our clients are farmers, not engineers and they need efficiency and reliability because they cannot stop the work line,” summarises the manager, Omar Papi.

Futura offers high quality, made-to-measure solutions at very competitive prices. It is also always possible to make “a mix between old (machinery or pieces that they already own) and new, in order for our clients to be able to obtain a more affordable price.”

On a highly competitive global market, the company has made a strong commitment to markets that are emerging or expanding in countries in what was previously the Soviet Union such as Russia, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan, as well as in others such as Kenya, South Africa, India… With regard to the Spanish market, the company continues selling through its distributors in the regions of Lerida, Castellon and El Ejido.

The secret to accessing these markets lies in “complete understanding, knowing the chain from the fields to the supermarket, and talking in their own language,” Papi explains. “And the fact is that each reality is a complete world of its own. We follow the countries that produce and supply fruit to the supermarkets closely, mainly in Russia and Europe. For example, Uzbekistan sells a great deal of fruit to Russian supermarkets, an important aspect when establishing certain requirements in the handling chain.”

Experts in grading

Futura has significant knowledge about the technologies to meet the needs of any warehouse, from small capacity lines, to others with large production volumes. “We make turnkey installations that include an assembly service, training of our clients’ technicians and our strong point lies in grading, both for the end client and for the distributors.”

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