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The Cristalplant Group has 5 hectares of seedbeds in ecological production alone. In 2018 two new delegations will join it and its nursery activity will start
The Cristalplant Group continues its inexorable progress. At the end of last year they presented the new ecological seedbed in San Agustín (El Ejido), with which it now has a total of 5 hectares in this segment, and two delegations, in Pulpí (Almeria) and Villafranca (Seville). And in 2018 they are not going to get left behind and they will continue to grow by opening two offices to help get closer to their clients and to improve the coverage of the entire area of Balerma and Puebla de Vícar, and an important new development will be started up: a nursery of 5 hectares.

Today, the company has 10 installations in Almeria, Granada and Seville, covering an extension of around 45 hectares and one of the areas where it is growing most is the production of ecological seedlings and grafts, including between 30-40% of its total production with cucumbers and tomatoes as the main produce. On this point, Luis Flores, the company’s marketing manager, explains that his intention is “to spearhead” the growing of ecological plants. To do this, the company is linking its growth rate to its clients’ demands. “We foresee that in the short term this will continue to rise, due to the number of hectares that we have in transition from conventional to ecological production. Even so, we are treading carefully because we are aware of the recent studies showing that the production costs are beginning to be much greater than for conventional production.”

10% more in watermelon

As has become usual in recent years, the Cristalplant Group foresees increasing the production figure for watermelon plants by around 10% (last year they reached 7 million plants). At the moment, the campaign is developing steadily, within some “stable parameters, although this year we are slightly conditioned by the rainfall.”

Regarding the areas of influence, the Cristalplant Group produces plants in the East coast area, to serve Castilla-La Mancha, Palomares, Murcia, Seville and the Valencian Community.

New department

Also within its business strategy, the group has taken a step forward with the creation of an integrated marketing department and the incorporation of Luis Flores to lead it, who has been working with the company for almost 4 years now. “We intend to integrate all the communication channels in a coherent and harmonious way, providing a balance to the natural dispersal that the amount of new resources has brought us and to move forward with on and offline means without losing sight of the target.”

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