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sandia Caparros

Caparrós is responding strongly to the watermelon campaign, in spite of all the difficulties caused by the health crisis.

This year’s watermelon campaign is taking place within the framework of an unprecedented health crisis. An anomalous situation which companies such as the Caparrós Group are facing up to thanks to the “significant effort” made by their farmers and employees to ensure the highest possible quality. A quality which, in the case of Caparrós Premium watermelons, is very good, although in general the yield in kilos has been lower.

The watermelon market has its own specific space and conditions and in a preliminary valuation regarding this year, the company advances that “watermelon sales and consumption are very good and this has had a favourable impact on the prices for farmers during the month of May.”

The consolidation of the Caparrós Premium watermelon on the markets, endorsed for two years running (2019/20) with the ‘Sabor del Año’ (Flavour of the Year) quality stamp – the only one that guarantees good flavour thanks to the methodology where the products are tested and approved by consumers. “There have been no significant changes compared to other years,” they state.

At, they underscore their watermelon’s properties, with a flavour that is reminiscent of traditional ones, “the ones our grandparents ate and now all the family can enjoy,” but with the extra advantage of being seedless. And as an added value, they offer original recipes for eating watermelon in many different ways, as well as hints and information of interest about this summer fruit par excellence.

Well-deserved recognition

Before the State of Alarm was declared, Caparrós had already started up its safety protocol for Covid-19 prevention and it created a team to apply it. “We haven’t had any problems to date, and we are all learning to work and live differently.”

On the 1st of May, Labour Day, the company gave a well-deserved recognition to all the employees who make up the great Caparrós ‘family’. “It has been very hard to combine work, with no schools, without any help from grandparents in this very difficult situation, particularly in the middle of a health crisis.”

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