Holding our breath, but still working


These are fateful times, times of economic uncertainty and personal fear. This time it is the conflict with Ukraine that has broken into our lives with consequences that nobody dares to evaluate over time. I only see one positive point, the strength and speed with which the EU has acted.

It is time to speed up the changeover to renewable energies; it is time to be sovereign over strategic subjects such as farming and all the inputs that come together in them. Meanwhile, our economy has to face up to the economic excess of an inflation that at present is around 8%, but which could reach two figures.

The agrifood industry has to stand up to all the hardships: the rise in cost of inputs, in energy and the transformation towards greater sustainability. We have no choice, although the world goes belly up, as it has already done twice in two years. At least, we should have something to eat.

For this reason, now more than ever, we must not lose our food sovereignty, or let those from abroad step on our toes. Just in case, because nobody knows what could happen tomorrow. Our lives have stopped being linear for reasons outside our control.

And as our sector is always on the frontline, Fruit Today has to keep up. We continue being your trusted magazine, informing of everything that happens with fruit and vegetables and from this edition onwards, also in Flowers and Ornamental Plants. Yes, you read that correctly, because the ornamental sector is growing in an unprecedented way. Covid-19, which kept us within our four walls, made us value a green home, full of life.

Added to this evolution is a new website that will come into being in a few weeks’ time, with a redesigning of our logo and new, reinvigorated excitement for writing about the area we know about and we love, the agricultural sector.

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