HUERCASA is extending its range of ecological produce

The company will take advantage of the international showcase Fruit Logística to present different Bio proposals

This year, Huercasa will deploy all its forces at Berlin’s trade fair Fruit Logistica, and it will take advantage of the international setting that the event provides to present its new developments in ecological produce.

This is a work line that has been important for the company for over a decade now, but one that will be its main focus point during 2018, with the incorporation of new references. In this way, Huercasa wants to take care of the needs of an increasingly important group of consumers who opt for bio foodstuffs.

The company already has bio red beetroot and corn on the cob, as well as ecological pulses (cooked chickpeas and lentils) and cooked ecological brown rice. Now, they are adding to the range diced cooked beetroot and chopped sweet potato and pumpkin.

As with the conventional produce, they are vacuum-packed vegetables, which maintain all the flavour and texture of the recently cooked product thanks to the quality and selection of the raw material, the pasteurisation process and cold storage.

These new Huercasa vegetable solutions save time for consumers who love to cook, providing added value due to their practicality and eliminating the cleaning, chopping and cooking processes of the vegetables, and they also have the bonus of being taken from ecological crops.

The company, a European leader in ready-cooked vegetable produce, also offers the market bio versions of its vegetable and pulse salads, ‘on the go’ solutions that offer people with little time the chance to eat a delicious, healthy meal anywhere.

The chickpea or lentil salads are completed with potato, pumpkin, red pepper, green pepper and carrot, all of them from ecological crops.

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