INDUSER is launching SealLabel and a paper Bagging Machine


The company is coming to Madrid with two new engineering solutions of packaging fruit and vegetable produce

INDUSER is meeting up with collaborators, suppliers and clients at the long-awaited on-site edition of Fruit Attraction. It arrives enthusiastic about the launching of two innovations that have been possible thanks to the research, development and collaboration with companies from the sector.

From the Italian company Cartonpack® they are presenting SealLabel, which reduces the use of plastic by 30% compared to traditional packaging, and protects the product with a system of label sealing. The idea is simple: the machine resorts to the application of a transparent label by pressure, the same one that adds ventilation to the product, making it possible to re-seal the package once opened. The solution, ideal for bilberries, tomatoes and cherries, has a production capacity of 100 pack/minute and it packages up to 2000 grams and it admits multi-format trays.

In second place, INDUSER is presenting the Paper Bagging Machine, an engineering solution that follows the traditional vertical Flow-pack packaging format, replacing the plastic film with cartoPaper®. This innovative material for bagging produce is certified by the FSC and it is made using 100% recycled materials. The paper’s characteristics manage to balance care for the packaged produce and the hardness of a paper that stands up to the impact of fruit and vegetable products such as avocados or mandarins.

Pedro Martínez Lázaro, CBO & co-founder, upholds: “We acknowledge the value of synergies in the development of our innovations. Having the complicity of a company such as Cartonpack for the development of SealLabel has been a key element to be able to offer comprehensive solutions. Through business relations we create more than a machine; it is a complete service from reliable suppliers. We not only opt for designing and manufacturing machines, but also to ensure that our clients’ experience is satisfactory. With SealLabel and the Bagging Machine we hope to attract new opportunities and re-establish communication with previous clients.”

The company is in constant movement. In addition to these innovations, it has launched a new digital experience on its renewed website. Here, it has concentrated on clear communication and a graphic identity that strengthens its premise: Induser® is “Ingenuity for packaging.”

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