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“It is essential to perceive the fruit through all the senses”


In 2015, Plátanos Ruiz activated an investment plan that has reached all the areas of the company

These investments affected areas ranging from the ripening plant in the ZAC (Complementary Activities Zone) to their Banana Stands in the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market in Mercabarna, located in halls D and E. The transformation also means the implementation of a new management system and this year the refurbishment of the offices and the R&D+i department will continue.

These investments are not by chance, “they have been carried out after reaching agreements with the concessions in the Central Market and the ZAC in Mercabarna,” affirms José María Ruiz, Manager of Plátanos Ruiz and a second generation member of the family at the head of the business.

After the investment, the “new” ripening plant, located in the ZAC area of Mercabarna, has 900 m² and 12 rooms, which can be synchronised at different temperatures. The plant is equipped with cutting edge technology, for both remote and on-site monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ruiz, with over 35 years experience as a ripener, was taught the know-how of this profession directly by his father and he emphasises that “even with the latest technology, the banana ripener plays the real, essential and basic role. The personal perception of the fruit through all the senses continues to be essential for an expert ripener.”

A differentiating factor

José María Ruiz comments that “our differentiating factor lies in the fact that we ripen bananas using an artisanal ripening process that tries to replicate what would occur naturally on the plant. With this process, we manage to give the fruit the best flavour and conservation during distribution until reaching the end consumer,” and he adds that “the advanced monitoring of the process, both remote and on-site helps, if possible, to ensure a greater control of this process.”

Ripening for third parties

Amongst other aspects, the “new” ripening plant has given Plátanos Ruiz greater ripening capacity, which has given rise to the evolution of a “ripening for third parties” service, designed especially for distribution and retailers. “An à la carte banana ripening service, which is personal and exclusive, made to measure for the client, according to the amount of fruit and the stage of ripening,” Ruiz defines.

Every day for the past 55 years, thousands of bananas have passed through the Plátanos Ruiz ripening plant, on their way to supermarkets, the hotel and catering trade, specialised chains, fruit stores…

Over 55 years ripening

José María Ruiz tells the story that “it was my father José Ruiz Carrión, founder of the company, who insisted on developing a technique that fully replicated the natural process used by bananas to ripen on their plants to satisfy the most demanding clients”. And he adds that, “when I was very young, my father passed on all his know-how to me regarding this ripening trade, which is our differentiating factor.” Over 55 years ripening bananas.


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