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CMR Group incorporate fruit sorbets

Jordi Martí

Even in times of pandemic, the Catalan company continues to grow, incorporating new options to its extensive portfolio of activities in the fruit and vegetable trade

Fruit Today euromagazine interviewed Jordi Martí, the Sales Manager for Spain, who talked about the new consumer trends and the new proposals by the company, both in Spain and Brazil.

Your new business line in the sorbet field is an option that is original, if nothing else. Some people see sorbets as unfair competition for fruit.

This is not our case, because our sorbets are made from are 100% natural fruit, therefore this competition doesn’t exist. CMR GROUP has incorporated the brand SPRIM Fruits to its organisational structure, with its completely natural sorbets, prepared only using fresh fruit, without concentrated juice or artificial colourings. At present, we have a range of 14 different flavours, which are offered to the fruit and vegetable stores in different sized coolers and that are being very successful.

On another subject, how are the sales on the market working in the current situation? What changes are you seeing in the purchases made by your clients?

The opening up of the HORECA cannel is making changes in the demand. On the one hand, we are seeing the recovery of consumption of very specific products in this market niche. And on the other hand, a healthier, more balanced consumption trend has been consolidated, after a fierce awakening during the toughest times of the pandemic.

How is the premium avocado brand, AUAUM Cosarica working?

Avocados have gone from an occasional, alternative consumption to having a wide group of faithful consumers who have found a fruit with many nutritional properties and endless applications, turning it into a regular element of the shopping basket.

AURUM was born with the intention of being a top category product, with great recognition and acceptance and this can only be achieved through a strict selection process, careful, professional own ripening, maintaining all the virtues of the product, as well as respecting the promises of superior quality at all times.

You have also made a categorical commitment to extending ripening capacity

Yes, indeed. The growing demand for pre-ripened produce has marked out the strategy to follow for us in order to be able to offer both current and future cover.

New ripening rooms have been built, along with a packaging area fitted with cutting edge technology, which allows us to give a regular service to the new trends, with 23 ripening rooms available in Barcelona and 36 in Madrid at present.

On the subject of sustainability, what steps are you applying (packaging, logistics, energy…)?

Both our main centre in Barcelona and our subsidiary in Madrid are fitted with solar panels that provide us with clean energy and avoid Co2 emissions.

At CMR BRASIL, our production subsidiary, we are in the middle of an adaptation process to regenerative agriculture. A model that promotes the value of the soil as a key sustainability factor; it rationalises irrigation; it decreases inorganic fertilisers and the use of agrochemicals. All of this will lead us to growing melons, watermelons and papayas and other products that will require a lower use of inputs post-harvest. It is worth mentioning that the Group, through the different subsidiaries that form it, holds the following certificates: Global GAP, Grasp, Fairtrade, ISO and IFS.

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