“January is bringing better prices”

The last fortnight of 2018 closed with very low prices for fruit and vegetable producers, with an average of between 40-50% below figures for December of the previous year. However, from the first week of January, the trend has been improving and additionally “November could compensate, at least partially, for the balance of the first part of the year”, Fernando Martín, manager of BioProcam affirmed. In his case, ecological cucumbers make up a good part of the company’s volumes, and although the prices for conventionally-grown produce have been disastrous, forcing producers to withdraw 1.8 million kilos, “in ecological produce, the prices for cucumbers have not been so bad”. With the campaign well on the way, tomatoes (vine and Marmande type) are the largest volumes on these dates, in addition to Hass avocados and pumpkins, and BioProcam is already looking towards the spring/summer season.

The company is taking part in Fruit Logistica, with a shared space, located in Hall 18 B-02d, under the umbrella of the Andalusian Government. Don’t hesitate to visit them to discover their range of produce and their new website and online store (www.procam.bio).

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