Joya®, a very promising season


The 2020/2021 season is promising to be exceptional for Joya®. With an estimated production potential of 8,300 tonnes, it is expected to increase this by around 27% compared to last year, with top quality apples (intense colouring, sugar content, aroma, firmness, etc).

Europe’s Joya® apple production sector has been in the middle of a renewal process since 2018 and the 2021 season marks the start of a new sales activity for six now homologated distributors: Apofruit, UnacoaSalvi, CicoMazzoni, GranfruttaZani and VOG in Italy and Costa Brava Giropoma in Spain.

Regarding production, the arrival of 350 new producers will allow the planted surface area to be increased to 750 hectares in 2023 in order to produce up to 22,000 tonnes of Joya® apples in 2025.

Crunchy, sweet and slightly acid, Joya® has some organoleptic properties than do not go by unnoticed. It is the last to be harvested (mid-November) and its conservation is exceptionally good.

A new range of ecological packaging was launched at the beginning of the season. The trays will be recyclable or compostable and made using FSC certified cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests.

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