VOG and VIP have three new apple varieties


RedPop®, Cosmic Crisp® and Giga® are enriching the Italian variety range.

Using a virtual event, with the slogan “Tasty Trend³”, the two producer consortiums revealed these new varieties with which they intend to satisfy fruit growers, technicians, breeders, researchers and experts in marketing, as well as flavour professionals.

“The diversity and renewal of the varieties are vitally important for VOG. Not only the flavour of the apples, but also the growing properties and easy of storage are amongst the most important selection criteria, as well as the market trends and the clients’ wishes,” Georg Kössler, chairman of VOG, explains. Thomas Oberhofer, chairman of VIP, emphasised the advantages that the South Tyrolean region brings when growing different varieties: “The difference in altitudes and the mixture of Alpine and Mediterranean climates offer magnificent conditions for many apple varieties. These circumstances allow quality produce to be obtained, both in integrated crops and biological ones.”

The Manager of VOG, Walter Pardatscher, explained his internal variety strategy, according to which no apple must represent more than 25% of the production: “We must adopt a broader outlook and offer a versatile range that satisfies the future wishes of our clients.” Martin Pinzger, Manager of VIP, confirmed Val Venosta’s strategy of continuing growing Golden Delicious as the main variety in the future, whilst constantly completing the range with other red and two-coloured apples. “We will continue to be strongly committed to a natural, sustainable crop, and this includes, amongst others, biological crops, which already make up 20% of the crop surface areas.”

It is very important to offer clients a wide range of apples throughout the year; therefore, the storage capacity is very important. The new varieties meet these requirements very effectively, a reason for which they will reach the market during the second half of the sales season.

Ipador /Giga®

This variety is resistant to apple scab, which entails the advantage of needing fewer plant protection products.

The fruit is large and is characterised by its excellent storage possibilities. It has a very intense flavour, and it is very balanced between sweetness and acidity. The flesh is particularly robust. Giga® needs a few months resting after the harvest to obtain its top flavour.

WA38 /Cosmic Crisp®

The variety offers very good storage capacity, since the fruit remain fresh and juicy and they keep all their aroma.

The fruit has a special texture; its cells are approximately double the size of those in other apples.

Cosmic Crisp® has already been launched on the North American market and it is arriving in Europe thanks to the collaboration with the South Tyrolean apple sector.

CIVM49 or RedPop®

This variety is also resistant to apple scab and it has good storage properties. Its fruit grow until reaching a manageable size and a deep red colour.

The flesh is robust, and with its marked sweet flavour, it is juicy and fresh.

The brand name RedPop® refers to the apple’s properties: it is practical, tasty, visually eye-catching and modern.


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