Karamel, a partner for Epigen Healthy Bite


The alliance was presented on the 29th of September in Seville and it will be communicated internationally at Fruit Attraction

In the last quarter of the year, Keops Agro is celebrating its alliance with the health food company Epigen Healthy Bite, establishing itself as another partner within the protocols required by the members of the company. Sources from the family-run company, with over 20 year’s experience, are very proud to belong to Epigen Healthy Bite, a guarantee of health in the fruit produced on its farms. “We bring consumers one of the most highly-valued assets from the fields, our fruit and vegetable produce, taking care of the surroundings with environmentally-friendly farming methods and offering consumers flavourful produce with a guaranteed amount of healthy nutrients,” states María del Mar del Águila, Director of Keops Agro.

A catalogue of flavour and health

One of the flagships of Keops Agro is the Karamel tomato range: Cerise, Rome, Trébol and Heart. They are synonymous of flavour, sweetness and aroma. The growing process is registered on the ‘Ciclo 360º ECO’, Keops Agro’s circular economy, where all the parts of the process, from the livestock food, to vegetable health and end production, are controlled by the company, obtaining a 100% ecological guarantee.

Salmorejo and gazpacho

Keops Agro pays tribute to tomatoes and gastronomy, creating some 100% ecological gazpachos and salmorejos with Karamel tomatoes and their extra touch of flavour. Fresh, nutritional and full of flavour, based on BIO vegetables and with the starring role played by the cherry tomato Karamel Rome. Additionally, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their flavour, they are produced gluten-free, using bio rice and corn flour.

All of this may be seen at Fruit Attraction. “As we do every year, we will support this international event that is so relevant for our sector, and which we are looking forward to attend. We will be represented in the ecological hub of the CAAE and we will also be present as a partner on the Epigen Healthy Bite stand, with the other companies forming part of the project,” Paco del Águila advances.

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