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Kiwis Zespri™, quality and flavour all year long


One of the main reasons that gives meaning to Zespri’s™ work and effort is that of offering top-quality kiwis all year long, something that they achieve thanks to the existence of permanent crops on both hemispheres.

These high-quality standards are the result of its own growing system, based on 12 stages. Using this quality system, Zespri™ regulates each phase, from the land and the growing process, to the arrival at the distribution point and which guarantees that consumers know that what they are buying is healthy, safe, grown in a sustainable way, with unbeatable quality and a high nutritional standard.

Its 12phase system

  1. Choosing the right place for growing kiwis, due to the weather conditions and the soil quality and the protection of the plants.
  2. Carefully managing the plantation. The kiwi is a fruit that grows in abundance and must be regularly pruned so that it has enough space.
  3. Keeping the soil healthy, taking care that the grass is the right height to control the appearance of fungi that damage the plant.
  4. Feeding the soil with wood chips to ensure that no nutrient is lost.
  5. Making a responsible use of the water, with irrigation systems developed to distribute the right amount for each plant.
  6. Using few, or no herbicides or pesticides, giving priority to natural ones, if they are necessary.
  7. External monitoring. The fruit of its plantations are analysed individually before the harvest to ensure that they meet the standards of Zespri™.
  8. Obtaining a correct ripening to guarantee the right flavour and shelf-life.
  9. Nature-friendly storage until the moment comes to launch them onto the market.
  10. Environmentally-friendly packaging. 100% recyclable containers with water-based non-toxic ink.
  11. Storage of the kiwis with suitable chilling in order for them to reach consumers in perfect conditions.
  12. Traceability of each box of kiwis with information about their origin, cultivation and different details of the shipment.

Using this system, Zespri™ is a reference in terms of quality. An element which, along with the nutritional value and delicious flavour, turn Zespri™ kiwis into one of the most sought-after fruits.

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