L’Alcudia’s 6th Half Marathon

L’Alcudia’s 6th Half Marathon, organised by the CANSO cooperative and the town’s Caixa Rural, registered a record participation, with 2,060 participants

The event, which in just 6 years has gained a great reputation, was honoured by the presence of the international runner Marta Fernández de Castro, the first woman to reach the finish line with a time of 1:27:41.

In the men’s category, the runner Khalid Elhissouf, from the Rickysporteam club, came first with a time of 1:11:12; the second position went to Moha Houd Chambani with 1:11: 44, from the Cronorunner Team, and Andrés Micó, from the Km 42 club in Ontinyent, came third with a time of 1:11:58.

The race started right at the gate to the CANSO cooperative, then went through the town and finally returned to end in the same installations, where the participants were looked after by staff from the cooperative and sponsors, as well as by sports masseurs. All the runners were given a bag with persimmons and different products made from this fruit. The cooperative itself donated a kilo of food to Cáritas and to the town’s Food Bank for each participant who signed up for the race.

Amongst the race’s sponsors, and within their Corporate Social Responsibility area, the work of the following companies stood out: Agrofresh, Tecnidex, Maf Roda and the actual Athletics Club of L’Alcudia itself.

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