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Raquel Novis

Rachel & Co is launching a line of eatable roses and another of hibiscus multi-flowers with its new premium brand, “a dream come true”.

Passion for her profession and for life. This is what led Raquel Novis to promote her own project, the company Rachel & Co, after 27 years working for other companies. Now she, who was raised in the French countryside surrounded by poppies and daisies, is fulfilling a new dream: the launching of the quality brand Lou Lou. A brand that guarantees the quality of differential, sustainable products that last longer than average, to ensure that the end customer can enjoy their beauty for longer. With this brand, Raquel Novis is attempting to give flowers and plants the standing they deserve and to surround them with an extra halo of beauty and elegance, based on the best varieties (some via royalties), on producers who give their all to obtain maximum quality, and on the best image and packaging. And the fact is that Lou Lou is a true reflection of Raquel Novis’ philosophy and personality: “With Lou Lou we want to generate a link between the person and the plant, an emotional connection of respect and love.”

The first product holding the Lou Lou brand is an Edible Rose Bush that is framed in the Taste of Love collection, and during this campaign it will be launched in a limited edition. To develop it, they have selected varieties of Pheno Geno Roses that stand out due to the sweetness of their petals and that bring aromas of strawberries, raspberries and citrus fruits, to which new aromas will be added. It is a 100% natural product that has highly interesting nutritional properties: “a single rose from these rose bushes has more vitamin C and antioxidants than 150 grams of red berries.”

The packaging includes the rose bush in a pot and a tasting product (chutney, jam or syrup) prepared using the petals. The customer can use a QR code to access a guide and tutorials that explain simply how to plant and look after the rose bush both indoors and outdoors. It also has a recipe book with original recipes to recreate gourmet dishes using the petals. A complete sensorial experience that also involves looking after the planet: “we have the MPS certificate and we have opted for recycled and recyclable material to make the packaging.” An ideal, sustainable gift, because as it is planted in a pot, it lasts longer than a bouquet of roses.

As an extra, Novis emphasises that each of the rose bushes by Pheno Geno Roses is sponsored by European chefs. In the case of Spain, by Jordi Roca.

The second launch under the Lou Lou brand is the Hibiscus. “We wanted to emphasise a product on which we have been working for 18 years side by side with Isidro Fernandez, a specialised farmer who loves his profession and produces high quality multi-flower, constant flowering Hibiscus from Graff.” In this line, they also have a wide range with trending colours.

Aiming at the Spanish market

Throughout her career, Raquel Novis has worked in different companies and has promoted trends such as the use of coloured flower pots. A change that seemed like “madness” in those years, but she knew how to make her main clients understand, first on the French market and then on the Spanish one.

Currently, Rachel & Co’s main market share is in France, although the company also sells in Portugal, Spain and Germany. On the last two markets, it has been growing significantly over the past two years. And the fact is that the pandemic “has woken up a market that virtually did not exist here. In other European countries with less sunlight, consumers traditionally buy many plants and flowers to decorate their homes. Now this trend has reached Spain and it is here to stay.”

At Rachel & Co they offer “service, quality and customer support” thanks to a specialised team of professionals, reliable farmers and continuous monitoring of the product quality.


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