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Minigu, a cucumber with its own name


Ecoinver has developed its own brand name working alongside Enza Zaden to market its Mini easyQs line.

Its slogan is “Unique products for unique people’, and it follows this policy to the letter. At Ecoinver, specialisation comes first and foremost and, therefore, seven years ago, they decided to opt for the easyQs concept from Enza Zaden in their cucumber line, characterised by their flavour, crunchy texture and post-harvest.

Ismael Segura, CEO of the company from Almeria, explains how the idea of launching their own brand name arose to take a step further and showcase the range in a clearly differential way: “Minigu arose from our long experience growing the product. We had the idea of giving a name to this know-how, the result of our experience in the fields, in the handling and marketing areas and also due to the importance that the line has acquired. The process was speeded up when a supermarket chain asked us for something different.” Today Ecoinver is the largest producer of easyQs.

Enza is the market leader in this typology in Spain. Its EasyQs make up 90% of the total share. It has managed to cover the 12 months with high quality, good coloured varieties, covering the requirements in the fields, as well as those of the supermarket chains and the consumers.

The seed company has backed the brand creation project, along with the Minigu packaging and the result is an image which, as Mª Carmen Manjón, Marketing Project Manager at Enza, explains, is attempting to give value to the work in the fields by the farmers and it highlights its environmentally-friendly involvement, on the one hand through the packaging (100% cardboard), but also regarding a reduction in food waste, as the packs contain 4 pieces that are idea for eating in one go, removing the need to cut each fruit up and avoiding waste.

What is becoming known as ‘one use-one portion’ in the Central European convenience food world. With Minigu, they are also covering new eating trends, such as snacking, dipping, smoothies… and convenience for eating on the go (the whole fruit is eaten). In short, it offers healthy experiences.

Ecoinver’s clients are mainly European markets, such as Germany, which is important for foreigners looking for this typology, but Minigu has also reached the USA. “One of our strong points is that we are quick to adapt to each market’s requirements,” Ismael Segura points out.

The company has a complete project to cover the supermarket programmes, always maintaining the same standard of quality. “We now have a format with 90% of homogeneity.”

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