Montosa incorporates a multiresidue laboratory

Montosa’s production is certified on GLOBAL G.A.P., guaranteeing that all the treatments performed have been prescribed by technicians, respecting the safety deadlines, with authorised active materials and previously established application controls. Now the company is going a step further by implanting a multiresidue Laboratory that allows waste control, regardless of the fruit’s origin and the fulfilment of the quality standards in all the destination countries. The installations cover over 100m².

For simultaneous identification and quantification of a wide range of active materials, the company has the personnel and the tools and the latest methodologies available to it, such as the extraction and isolation of the substances to be analysed using the QuEChERS technique, and the subsequent quantitative and qualitative determination of these using high-resolution gas-liquid chromatography with triple quadruple mass detector in both cases. Alongside the multiresidue laboratory, Montosa has implanted an R&D+I Laboratory for Development of New Products for the company.

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