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New guacamole, fruit juices and handmade puree

Frutas Los Cursos has just launched its new line of fresh-cut and ready-cooked products based on tropical fruits

Antonio Rodríguez, manager of Frutas Los Cursos, has spent some time starting up a project that will bring great added value to the company’s production. A line of processed avocados, custard apples and mangos where work by hand plays an important role to preserve the qualities of the fruit, 100% natural (no preservatives or colourings added) and giving the final product a flavour and some special qualities. The range is made up of guacamole (with and without chilli), and fruits and purees made from custard apples and mangos, which since last month may be acquired in supermarkets (with the exception of the puree, which is sent directly to the Horeca and confectionery channels).

In order to carry out this project, the company’s Product development team has been working for over a year and the premises have been extended by another 2,000 metres, where new washing, drying and packing machinery has been installed.

Forecasts for fresh produce

This new processed line has been incorporated to the company’s main line: production and marketing of fresh tropical fruits (avocados, custard apples, mangos and medlars), which during the last campaign experienced an excellent evolution, with production doubling in all the references. “The ones that worked best were avocados and custard apples, since they had very good prices: 2.5€/kg and 1.35€/kg, respectively”. However, one of the lines that is growing fastest is medlar fruit, which in spite of have a very short run (just 1.5 months), has seen how both national and international demand has increased.

Looking towards the next campaign, the company expects to continue growing, particularly in mangos and custard apples, which could reach a production of 40% and 30% more, whilst avocado volumes could drop by at least 30% due to the effect of alternate bearing.


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