On the home stretch in a fluctuating campaign

No two campaigns are the same, but there are no precedents for what has occurred in the present one.
Spanish strawberry production, which due to the high temperatures was earlier than ever before, is about to reach the end of the campaign calmly and with good prices at source.
The early production had other implications, such as the produce quality (at times some exporters’ requirements were not reached) and an accumulation of volume that made the prices drop at the beginning of the season.
After a stunted beginning with reasonable prices, the high volume offered from December until the first two months of the year, caused the prices to drop although in February, the cooler temperatures slowed the harvests down and made the prices rise again, whilst the prevailing wind benefitted the strawberry quality.
In week 8, 25% of the predicted top category production had been harvested, as opposed to the 12% or 14% from previous years. This enormous production caused prices to drop, particularly on the wholesale German markets.
But at the beginning of May, with the volumes on offer now decreasing, the situation is starting to balance out and the average price for the standard format was around 0.85 euros the kilo at source.
Central European productions were slowed down by the bad weather in their respective countries, a fact that had a very positive influence on the price of Spanish strawberries. Spanish strawberries on the French markets of Rungis or Perpignan were being sold at between 10% and 25% higher than during the same phase in previous years. And this increase was also seen on the German markets.

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