Ondine™, the flavourful range of flat fruit


Created by Agro Selection Fruits, Ondine™ it is the consumer-oriented brand of flat stone fruit

The French plant breeder has created a brand of flat nectarines and peaches that will be in supermarkets from June until October with productions from the northern hemisphere (Spain, France and Italy), and from January to April with its own productions in the southern hemisphere.

Ondine™ is being developed using a wide range of premium varieties that cover the entire commercial calendar.

The attraction of Ondine™ lies in the flavour and in its conditions that are completely adapted to market demands. This is owing to the fact that the pistil cavities are completely closed and therefore, do not leave a door open for the micro-organisms that compromise the fruit’s shelf life.

This new brand includes the healthy and gourmet snack concept that meets consumer demands. As it has an ideal size for eating without using cutlery, it helps children and adults to eat fruit anywhere and at any time.

Ondine™ stands out as the ‘on the go’ healthy food option for everyone, “particularly with our children, as it is a great solution for them; mainly to encourage independence and healthy habits. When we eat with our fingers and we don’t peel fruit, it aids consumption. The paradigm of fruit consumption has changed and consumers have different consumption needs,” according to Angel Vallin, brand development manager for Agro Selections Fruits.

With all this in mind, flavour continues to be the most important point. Ondine™ has a very sweet flavour (15º brix on average) with a good acidic balance and also with aromatic notes of plums, nectarines and honey. The flavour experience must be good and it is the key point for end consumers to enjoy eating flat fruit.

“The future of Ondine™ is promising and all of us who are taking part in this project, all over the world, are proud of helping consumers to eat fruit in line with the new paradigm,” comments Angel Vallin.

“This campaign we will be present in supermarket chains in France and the United Kingdom, although in the long term, we will also be present in most European countries, always concentrating on consumers.”

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