Quality at the end of winter

Capgen Seeds’ main assets are obviously its seeds. And when developing new materials they take the high quality standards demanded by their customers into serious consideration. In the case of aubergines, they have a reference variety, Asia F1, which they launched just two years ago and that is gaining market share in Almeria due to its results thanks to the robustness of its plant, both in conventional and in ecological production. Joaquín Cañabate, Head of Capital Genetic Development, describes some of its characteristics: “It has a strong root system that makes it good for long haul crops and it produces quality fruit even at the end of the winter”. Another of its advantages is the “continuous load” of fruit, firm, with very dark, shiny skin and without any thorns on the calyx. Added to all this is its post-harvest, which is optimum for export.

The planting dates are those of a single cycle, in August and the last harvests can be extended until July.

Although in principle, Asia F1 focuses mainly on Spanish production, it is also sold in Italy. The company has new developments of black, cylindrical (very long and thin, common in Maghreb countries) and round violet aubergines, which are very popular amongst Italian consumers.

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