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Ready to eat, also in Galia

Minithor RZ_

Rijk Zwaan will present important new developments in melon and watermelon at its Global Melon & Watermelon e-Vent.

Everything is ready for the Global Melon & Watermelon e-Vent by Rijk Zwaan, which will be held from the 28th of June to the 9th of July at the CED La Palma in Cartagena in a mixed format of field visits and online events. During the first week, visits will be made to the fields; and in the second week meetings will be held online with clients and with the chain and they will develop seminars with specialists from the sector (retail, market and agritech) to continue to provide value, according to Bernardo Cuenca, Global Coordinator for Melon and Watermelon for EMEA.

There are many new developments that will be on display at the event this year. In melons, the launching of the Galia ‘Ready to eat’ line stands out, following in the wake of the same differentiated cutting point concept in Charentais. 19G666 will be presented for the first time in Murcia, accompanying the 19G142 variety, which was recently presented in Almeria and that is also suitable for early crops in Murcia. The line is a synonym for a “guarantee of easily identifiable quality” from the fields to the table, and it brings a complete package of resistances to MNSV, Fusarium 0, 1, 2; all the strains of powdery mildew (1, 2, 3, 3.5 and 5) and aphids.

Also in Galia, they have a new long life development, 34-GE0337 (for Almeria and early crops in Murcia), which is giving very good results regarding its productivity, earliness, fruit quality and endurance on the plant, and it also has the same pack of resistances as the 19G142.

Within the Piel de Sapo range, Rijk Zwaan will present its counterseason reference Flechaverde RZ, as the “melon that fits in” in La Mancha due to its size, quality, continuity and consistency, Juan Francisco Martínez, Sales Representative & Melon Crop Specialist explains. In the Mellissimo® range, they will reinforce the presence of Minithor RZ (for late crops in Murcia and early ones in La Mancha), and as a new development they will promote 17P210, for early planting in Murcia, a good-sized melon with an excellent taste.

Its yellow melon line is being consolidated with Yacal RZ (early-medium), which reaches optimum sugar levels very fast and stands out for its good flavour and strong plant; Noval RZ (medium cycle); and Hasdrubal RZ (late crop in Murcia and La Mancha). The entire line of yellow melons includes resistances to powdery mildew 3.5 and aphids (VAT gene).

In Charentais LSL, they will show the Ready to Eat concept and the already consolidated varieties Zinasol RZ (extra early), Paniol RZ (medium) and Frivol RZ (late).


Within the Sandissima® concept, the latest development is Coralzinho RZ; in the Tiger segment. Conguita RZ (black skin) and the Tiger Tigrinho RZ and Gatinho RZ are also included in this line according to Javier Climent, Watermelon Crop Specialist. Both for greenhouse and open-air growing throughout the entire cycle, they bring early flowering that is maintained over time, as well as a quality marketable product with very few, small micro seeds.

In specialities, Tropical Sunshine RZ (black skin and yellow flesh) leads the way for the Tropical concept, under which they will present materials with many different shapes and skin colours, as well as flesh colours and firmness.

With regard to new developments in crimson triploid watermelons, those attending the Global e-Vent will be able to see Altata RZ, with fruit weighing from 4 to 5 kg for export and recommended for late open -air plantations. And in the black triploid range, they have 62-ST3501 RZ, from 8 to 9kg, with great quality and flexibility of transplant dates for Murcia and La Mancha.

In large Crimson watermelons, suitable as pollinators, the different varieties cultivated worldwide may be seen.

Finally, the latest mini-sized development in micro seeds is 62-SM1887, which stands out for its high production, internal quality and post-harvest.

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