Ronda Fruits: “shopping has become quicker”

The pandemic has meant new working methods, and one of these changes is the speed in the serving of orders.

The dealers in Barcelona have noticed how shopping times have become shorter. “What started out as a containment measure, has now come to stay,” explains Albert García, an executive from Ronda Fruits, while also underscoring the sector’s important capacity for adaptation to overcome any situation: “If we have to broaden the work groups, separate people or increase the staff to offer a faster service, we do it, because we have a significant ability for transformation.”

Regarding the summer season, the executive is highly satisfied with the qualitative results of the Bouquet watermelon, a brand that is exclusive to the company. The OKI brand in flat peaches is another of its exclusive products: “OKI is a fruit that sells itself and in spite of the problems that have arisen in the production areas, we have managed to continue with an impeccable supply.”

Additionally, in melons the company has “Mi Viejo” from Subasur, and Fashion in watermelons.

Using brand names is one of the formulas developed by the company, always as a way of keeping its customers loyal. “It is a question of following a joint work sheet: our company, through our respect towards the companies that give us exclusivity, and these companies because they have the guarantee that we are defending their product. It is a joint growth that allows us to maintain loyal, habitual customers, who know what to buy, who look for the same quality and the same format.”

García points out that watermelons had good prices at the start of the campaign, but the same cannot be said of July. “There are no signs of this getting any better for both melons and watermelons because they are products that are closely linked to tourism and the restaurant sector. Although it could be a little increase in prices because the scarcity of stone fruit. Today, in the city of Barcelona, no cruise liners are docking and the city is empty of tourists; on the Costa Brava it is the same story, and the Canary Islands, the Balearic Island and Sardinia are all only working at half speed. All of this has an impact on our sales.”

The company will launch its stand in the Biomarket next October with its entire range of bio products. To do this it already has its own, recently created company, Ronda FruitsBio, which will also be managed as an ecological produce brand.


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