“Social uncertainty could take its toll”


Europe has been locked down for three months and there are still reservations about travelling to Spain in the summer

Ramón Gil, an executive from the Valencian company Algitama, affirms that the development of the melon campaign will be closely linked to whether tourists come to Spain or not.

“It is obvious that we will not close the summer season with the same figures for tourists as in previous years, with the corresponding fewer mouths to feed. We consider ourselves to be a Mediterranean company and we have always reinforced our offer on the beaches with small planes that displayed our brand. This year we have decided not to do this because everything around us makes us think that this season will be different.”

“Along with fewer tourists, the total or partial opening of the street markets will also influence the sale of our produce,” Gil comments.

The value of “small”

The Valencian company was one of the first to realise the value of smaller melons, and over eight years ago it launched its distinguished Mini Oro (Ricura and Finura varieties from Rijk Zwaan) onto the market. This melon weighs between 1.4 and 1.8 kilos and it has always been very popular in the supermarkets in tourist hotspots.

All the melons, when they arrive at the plant, are treated with zealous care and subjected to several processes: a first washing, rinsing, ecological waxing and finally they are carefully dried. Processes that are associated to the brand and allow consumers to recognise a high range product.

The company has a highly diversified activity, combining several stands, both in Mercavalencia and in Mercovasa.

During the summer season, its warehouse in the town of Viver (Castellón) takes on even more importance, as the company’s farmer associates bring in a complete line of vegetables, which complement the company’s offer. These vegetables have been produced using rural environment sustainability parameters, contributing to retaining the countryside’s population. In recent years, the ‘Tomate Valenciano’ and the ‘Tomate Rosa’ from Alto Palancia have gained visibility due to their significant quality.

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