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“Specialisation is risky, but we try to avoid doing the same old thing”

Anagyrus vladimiri

Ecoinver BIO is landing in the ecological and biodynamic sector with differentiating products. Its aim: to bring added value

After 15 years in the sector, Ecoinver Export has taken the determined plunge to ecological farming with a new project, Ecoinver BIO. An independent company with which it intends to make a space for itself in the ecological and biodynamic sector through specialisation and the top-quality that characterises the ‘Ecoinver philosophy.’ Diego Oller, the BIO General Manager, explains to Fruit Today that, when including references in their offer, they take into account the fact that they are “different products, which shy away from commodity and stand out for their greater organoleptic quality compared to others. It is a gamble, because in most places, we are working with products that consumers are not used to, but we don’t want to do the same old thing.”

Another of the differentiating factors is the company’s commitment to 100% ecological seeds. “We are working with companies such as Vitalis Organics because we are clear that ecological crops start with the seeds and it is an added value.” However, Oller makes a call to the breeders to promote the development of ecological seeds, as in the bio sector the seeds are not always available and companies have to opt for untreated conventional varieties.

In this first campaign, the company expects to market 4 million kilos including all of its references (mini, snack and Dutch cucumbers, aubergines, California and Palermo peppers, plum and cherry tomatoes and courgettes), grown on 80 ha of surface area. To do this, they are working alongside 50 trustworthy farmers who bring together 20 years of experience in bio crops. “We are starting off concentrating our all on quality, more than on quantity. For us, it is very important to keep the supply and demand hand-in-hand, and we will grow in line with this premise.”

Their client portfolio is mainly focused on Central Europe and Scandinavia, although they have advanced contacts to start operating in the U.S.A. and Canada in the next campaign. Additionally, boosting the Spanish home market is amongst their goals, a market that is “very interesting and with great potential.” And the fact is that, as the BIO General Manager explains, “the new generations are more aware, they look for food that is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. These generations are the ones who are really going to take the plunge. The earlier ones have not assimilated it as well.”

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