The Citrocide® System was presented in Germany at the industry for fresh-cut convenience food

At the end of September, Citrosol travelled to Germany to participate in a technical conference organized by Kronen GmbH

Martín Mottura, Manager of Precision Post-Harvesting at Citrosol, presented Citrosol’s “Citrocide® system”, a comprehensive method for washing produce such as tomatoes, peppers or avocados, within the framework of the aqUAFRESH project.

The world’s foremost representatives of the fresh-cut convenience food industry, particularly cutters and processors attended this international conclave hold on September 28 in southern Germany. Disinfection, water hygiene and food safety are three of the pillars that provide the base of succesive developments of the Citrocide® systems, first it was Citrocide® PC P (peppers), later Citrocide® PLUS T (tomatoes) and more recently Citrocide® PALTA (avocados).

Food Safety Guarantee

Citrosol’s objective is to provide the industry with a comprehensive solution. “The saving of water and energy, improvement in the efficiency of the wash and the provision of an alternative to chlorine, all offered by the Citrocide® systems, provide that so important requirement, food safety” explained Martin Mottura.

Chlorine reacts with the produce and generates harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs), such as trihalomethanes, chlorates and chlorites. On the other hand, the Citrocide® system turns the washing machine into a Critical Control Point that guarantees food safety without generating DBPs which may be harmful to humans. These systems, developed by Citrosol, act effectively by deactivating all types of microorganisms, not just those that cause decay in fruit, but also the pathogens which are potentially dangerous to human health.

Circular Economy

Citrosol advocate the concept of circular economy which is realized by the reuse of water by treating it to extend its useful life and filtering it to eliminate impurities. In addition, the environmental impact is mitigated to the highest level as the water that will eventually be discharged to the treatment plant will have been treated previously with innocuous peracetics, the basis of the Citrocide® System. In short, we achieve a more efficient wash with reduced water consumption.

BIO certification

Citrosol’s solutions are backed by the CAAE organic certification. As an example, in tomatoes and peppers, Citrocide® PLUS and PC respectively, are, in fact, the only post-harvest products that organic operators may use.


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