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The Logistics Marketplace, up and running

App-Digital Logistic Marketplace

Internationalisation and logistics are two sides of the same coin. Of the 2 million tonnes exported by Mercabarna, 30% comes from outside our borders

Therefore, Mercabarna has put a new tool at the disposal of its companies: a Marketplace that puts the logistics companies in contact with the companies operating in the market. All of this, quickly and efficiently. Currently, over 30 logistics companies have joined this platform.

Mercabarna, as a cluster of businesses that operate internationally, carries out trade missions to other countries and is present at international trade fairs, where relations with foreign companies is promoted. “At this point, we realised that we needed a tool to promote these trade relations because no internationalisation process can work without good logistics, which does not only cover our privileged geographical position for access to Europe.”

This tool creates expectations of new routes and destinations for the dealer companies and it brings sustainability to the system as, at times, due to a lack of information, the lorries return empty. “It is a platform aimed at jointly managing the dispatch of pallets and small groupage loads, which in the end fill a lorry up,” Toni Nieto, Strategy and Studies Coordinator at Mercabarna, explains.

How does this platform work?

It works in two ways: the wholesalers make a transport request that is seen by the logistics companies that they have assigned, and these must give prices and route responses to this request.

The logistics companies put their weekly routes on the platform so that they can be looked at and used by the wholesale companies.

The platform has the added advantage of the integration of the CMR or Consignment Note (official document containing all the transport conditions), which means an extra advantage that is very useful and provides visibility.

“The implantation of this new platform is in an advanced trial phase because the transactions that are carried out are real, although we are still implementing new improvements all the time, such as new instant messaging systems, like WhatsApp. We are aware that we are working with fresh produce and speed is essential in this commercial activity,” Nieto explains.

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