The strawberry campaign is closing with an almost 8% increase

The Huelva strawberry campaign has ended with a total strawberry production of 281,380 tonnes, meaning an increase of 7.7% compared to the previous one, according to Freshuelva

The invoicing has also undergone a similar growth, of up to 7.5% compared to last year’s figures, according to the statistics provided by the associated companies and with prices that are above those of the previous year.

The season experienced some difficult times as a result of the storm Filomena, which reduced the production considerably during important months of the campaign. However, the weather has meant the season has been extended, with the consequent recovery in production and invoicing, as during the last months there was serious instability in European weather conditions. Said instability has delayed the campaigns that coincide on the markets with Huelva’s, particularly, in the months of May and June.

Other red berries

Raspberry production reached 46,500 t, recording a 4.3% drop compared to the previous campaign. Likewise, the invoicing has experienced an 8% drop compared to last year. In this case, the fact that the surface area planted with raspberries dropped by 10% this year must be taken into account, going from 2,300 to 2,070 hectares, which explains the drop in yield at the end of the campaign.

Bilberry production reached a total of 49,170 tonnes, meaning an 8% increase compared to the previous year. An even larger increase, of 10%, was seen in the invoicing for these berries, the surface area for which also increased this year by 7.2%.

Germany and the United Kingdom continue to be the main destinations for red berries from Huelva since, in the case of strawberries and in spite of Brexit, British imports have exceeded French ones, which are in third place. The Netherlands, with regard to raspberries and bilberries, are the third destination for Huelva berry sales.


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