Trajano, reliability and good post-harvest

HM.Clause’s new broccoli variety is very homogeneous and is harvested in one or two cuttings

At HM.Clause they have been working on the broccoli vegetable improvement programme for over a decade, and they launched the first commercial variety three years ago. Certain that “producers are keen to see new varieties,” they are moving forward in the crop and as well as working on the development of new produce (their next goal is a summer variety, heat tolerant and with more leaves that cover the head), they are also working hard to diversify their range. They will present Calebrini® in the near future, a registered brand of ‘broccoli for broccoli’ sprouts that has been working in Europe for the past few campaigns with very good results.

The sales technician specialising in Broccoli, Reyes Orenes, emphasises that with the current broccoli offer, they cover from the middle of August to January, the most important transplant segment in south-eastern Spain. This year they have put Trajano on the market, for transplanting from the middle of October to mid January. Very practical because it covers many months in the transplant segment and also highly reliable, as it respects the 105 day cycle considerably and is very homogeneous. Very similar in shape to its preceding variety, Principe, it differs in the fact that it stands the cold better and its head is darker in colour. Without forgetting its “very good post-harvest.”

Príncipe was the first commercial variety launched by the company, and it is designed for transplanting from the middle of August to the beginning of October. Its dome-shaped head is quite attractive and compact and its height allows the action of its two great ‘enemies’, Mildew and Alternaria to be minimised. On an agronomical level, it stands the heat well, it respects the 95 day cycle and is very homogeneous (two cuttings are made). And regarding its post-harvest, this is also outstanding, as may be deduced from the trials that have been carried out with different companies in the sector.

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