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Flavour, Quality and Vitality: the three foundations on which the success of Zespri® is based

The important efforts made by Zespri® to offer kiwis that meet the needs and tastes of the market all year long are based on three essential pillars: Flavour, Quality and Vitality. These three points that summarise the company’s working philosophy, are the key to the success of the Zespri Green and ZespriSunGold kiwis which, thanks to the unbeatable eating experience that they give, now form part of the Spanish shopping basket.

There is no doubt that, to a large extent, the unmistakable Flavour of Zespri kiwis is responsible for the popularity of this fruit in our country. In fact, Zespri® uses a large part of its resources to research and develop new varieties which, as well as being healthy, have a delicious flavour loved by everyone in the family.

An example of this is the ZespriSunGold variety, which has been acknowledged with the Flavour of the Year stamp this year, an award given by consumers through the independent organisation Global Quality Iberia.

Regarding the Quality, it is worth mentioning that the entire production is grown using the exclusive Zespri System, the rules of which must be followed by all the current and potential farmers who grow crops for the company.

These guidelines cover all the production phases, from the cultivation to the final sale in the different establishments. In this way, the consumption of Zespri® kiwis is guaranteed in Europe all year long thanks to the creation of a network of farmers outside New Zealand, with the complete assurance that all the kiwis are top quality.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that Zespri® is continually seeking to contribute to the fact that consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle, full of Vitality, where food plays an essential role. For this reason, it is developing different events and research programmes on the subject of health to determine the benefits that eating Zespri kiwis provides for the organism.

An example of this is the First International Symposium on Kiwis and Health, held in Tauranga (New Zealand) last April, along with the Riddet Institute. During the event, health experts from all over the world presented the increasing scientific evidence regarding the benefits of kiwis, such as the improvement of the digestive well-being, thanks to the combination of fibre and actinidine and the stimulation of the immune system, given the high vitamin C content.


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