There is too much at stake!

We are living in an obesogenic society that causes diseases ahead of their expected time
Formación Nutricional en las aulas

A few days ago our magazine, Fruit Today, alongside the Asociación 5 al Día and Cajamar launched a petition asking for signatures on to act against childhood obesity from the classroom. Obesity is a pandemic that is almost invisible, but that has filtered into our lives until creating an ‘obesogenic’ environment, as some scientists are already calling it.

Today, with more reason than ever before, due to the economic crisis we are experiencing, we want this message to be heard and the most suitable steps to be taken by the Public Administration/Administrations.

A developed society must primarily be seated on two pillars: education and health. For this reason, our project uses the slogan ‘For a healthy diet in the classroom’ from 0 to 16 years, because children are the great victims of poverty. We do not want a society of young fogeys, with pathologies that get worse with age: cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver or mental illnesses due to being fat. We want to promote a society based on health.

The changes must be started in the educational area, with study plans and contents that incorporate nutritional education and knowledge about what we eat.

Our campaign has also coincided with the plan that the Government has just presented to guarantee school dinners in all the primary and secondary schools, as not all the centres have this service.

And it has also coincided with the announcement that youtubers and influencers will not be able to advertise unhealthy food. Some movement is beginning to be seen…

For us and for our children, enter and sign. We want to go far and ensure that these signatures end in a bill that is debated in parliament.

Please, enter and sign.

Thank you very much.

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