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‘A good reason for a stand in Berlin

Campo de Lorca/Cricket is coming to FruitLogistica with an extensive offer that includes its Cricket BIO range, for which they have 100 hectares under reconversion
Juan Marín

Fruit Logística is an unavoidable appointment for Campo de Lorca/Cricket (Hall 18, C-40). The company from Murcia remains loyal to this trade fair, which allows them to continue strengthening their brand and products. “It gives us the possibility of projecting our more international image and being able to underscore the most relevant aspects that uphold our brand: quality, sustainability, efficiency and innovation. Concepts embedded in our slogan ‘Un buen motivo para plantarse’ (A good reason for planting/making a stand) referring to our constant commitment to the product, our surroundings and people.”

The dates of this trade fair allow the development of the current campaign to be evaluated, along with the planning of the next ones, as well as pooling the different problems and challenges being faced in this campaign to find feasibility everywhere.

At this edition, the company continues to promote the brand Cricket BIO in broccoli and cauliflower. “At present we have 100 hectares under reconversion,” sources from the company explain.

Both Cricket BIO broccoli and cauliflower are available from November to May, with a production divided up into different regions in the south east of Spain, from Albacete to Granada.

In spite of inflation, the company has not noted any great changes in the bio programmes. “It is a segment that is there and that has a stable demand. Over this campaign, we will be able to evaluate whether inflation finally has any repercussions in the segment or not.”

Green Manners

The European Green Deal and the ‘From Farm to Fork’ and ‘Biodiversity’ strategies are setting important goals for the sector, with only 7 years left. A reality that Campo de Lorca/Cricket has got ahead of with its own plan of action, Green Manners, lined up with the goals established in the 2030 Agenda.

Regarding the goals of the European strategy, they comment that “being realistic and taking into account the current context, these goals seem difficult to reach. The drought crisis that we are experiencing all over Spain and the rise in costs must be taken into account. We are not in a stable period where we can set out specific goals.”

Parallel to this, the EC plans to present, at the end of 2023, a sustainable labelling system that will cover the nutritional, climate, environmental and social aspects of food products. A step that at Campo de Lorca/Cricket they value positively. “The labelling system allows more information to be given to consumers, something that we see as a good point as consumers must have all the information regarding source, nutritional composition and production criteria clearly available. We are already providing this type of information to some clients through a QR code on which detailed information about the product appears.”

In spite of the inflationary context, they continue investing and opting for innovation, seeking creative solutions that can make it easier for consumers to enjoy Cricket vegetables.

Likewise, they continue extending their programme studying the biodiversity of the flora and fauna in their production areas to other farms and they are maintaining their investment in sustainability, making their premises more sustainable and efficient, modernising production lines, automating systems and carrying out a digital transformation.

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