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In the first quarter of the year, ABC Logistic has increased its invoicing by over 30% in its road hauling activity and by almost 50% in intermodal business, in both cases increasing 2019’s invoicing by 21.2% and 270.7% respectively.

This rise is occurring due both to the incorporation of new clients and businesses and to a growth in the activity with the shippers themselves. Currently, they give intermodal service for the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland, with direct embarking or transfer and land transport all over the Spanish mainland and France, with an important implantation in the northern region.

Amongst the activities that they have incorporated this year, the LTL to Ireland, the consolidation of chilled freighting to the aforementioned country and the express delivery for e-commerce with double chauffeur stand out.

Owing to this increase in business, they have added more than 25 new trailers to their fleet, making up a total of over 130 units that are fully active, all with ADR and where the tautliner, chilled and tipping trailers stand out. The fleet is completed with tankers, floor hoppers and container ships.

Amongst the short term goals are SQAS certification, which is in a homologation phase and the consolidation of the business with the U.K., with the incorporation of a local partner.

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