Anecoop will produce 120,000 tons of watermelon

The second-grade cooperative forecasts sales of around 120,000 tons.
In 1992, Anecoop attained one of the most noticeable achievements in Spanish horticultural experimentation with the launching of Bouquet, the first seedless watermelon. Since then, its market turnover has increased season after season with the addition of new consumers.
In this 2016 campaign, Bouquet Watermelons 2016, the entity will carry out promotion initiatives in France, Czech Republic, Spain, including the Canary Islands, and, for the first time, Poland and Belarus, with the objective of increasing the brand’s presence.
Overall investment amounts to 500,000 euros. This involves special television and social network initiatives, as well as tastings at sports and cultural events, as well children’s games. In Poland, for example, promotional events will be held at several points in Warsaw market.
Papaya, a new production alternative. A research project carried out by the UAL-Anecoop Foundation has demonstrated the advantages of growing papaya in greenhouses, as a productive alternative in the southeast Iberian Peninsula, since Andalusian greenhouses reproduce the tropical climate and humidity.
Seven years ago, Anecoop implemented a papaya production programme in order to supply the European market with high-quality fruit matured at source, while considerably reducing transportation. According to entity sources, “this year we expect to sell around 200 pallets of papaya, which could reach 1,000 next season.”
Ecological produce. Another of the most recent projects is the production and marketing of biological produce, by means of the Solagora S.A.S. company. Aneccop France implemented this new project to set up the main ecological fruit and vegetable platform in all of Europe, which has already experienced important growth and has solid expectations for the future.

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