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Blue Whale snack apples

Blue Whale presents Rockit, a tiny apple with a sweet, juicy taste. The French firm has acquired the cultivation rights of this fruit grown in New Zealand and hopes to sell the first apples from its French plantations in 2017. Until then, it will import fruit directly from New Zealand.
The Rockit’s size is ideal for a snack, and the way it is packed inside a tube for protection makes it convenient for eating outside. The idea is to attract the young consumer, who is more used to this type of food. Another target public is children, since it is an easy way to take fruit to school.
Since it is so small, it is the perfect size for one or two tasty mouthfuls and, unlike the competition’s snacks, it is healthy.
Blue Whale has planted 25 hectares with this variety. The first apples from these first 25 hectares will be available in 2017, but the fruit can now be purchased in Europe, Asia and the Near East thanks to importation.

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