Camposeven introduces almonds

The company from Murcia is adding nuts to its extensive range of fruit and vegetable products, specifically almonds

Fruit Today Euromagazine interviewed Adolfo García, general manager of Camposeven, a pioneering company in the production of biodynamic crops.

Where is Camposeven, in terms of products, hectares, installations…?

Currently we are in a situation of stability; during this year we are not going to make any important investments, but next year, we will invest in a new electronic sizer. Regarding products, last year we started marketing nuts (almonds) and the idea is to grow in this segment. Over the next two years we will have a new product following the plantations we made last year. In general, the number of hectares will remain stable this year.

Ecological and biodynamic: a trend or a philosophy of life?

I think that I have always said the same thing, for us biodynamic and ecological crops are a way of understanding farming. We are convinced that respecting our natural habitat and the health of the people means cultivating in a different way, it changes everything, the people and the land give back the same ‘love’ that you put into your work.

The sector is opting more for ecological crops every day. There are companies that work 100% ecologically and there are also mixed companies. What future do you see for this market as regards prices?

In my opinion, the market will continue to grow, particularly in Spain. Consumers, above all young people, have already started to show concern about eating healthier produce, with a different flavour. However, this cultivation method is not easy, it requires very delicate work, greater dedication and observation of the plants and of the soil. I am pointing this out because there has been an important influx of new producers, probably motivated in some cases just by the sale price that they see on the markets, and they haven’t stopped to think or analyse the cost of this type of production. Therefore, I believe that a specialisation in this type of farming will be developed.

How is Freshvana, the online brand for selling fruit and vegetables, developing?

In Spain, online selling of these products is not very widespread yet. However, we continue to be committed to it. We believe that it is the future and we are beginning to see slight increases in the demand.

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