Chile is extending Origine Group’s horizon

Deliveries of Chilean kiwis to China began in May, and in 2019 they expect to increase the volumes with the addition of new partners

Origine Group, the second world-wide leader in kiwi production and marketing, has taken a step further in its business strategy with the delivery of Chilean fruit to China and Southeast Asia. Fruit Today met with the new general manager of the consortium, Alessandro Zampagna, during the Italian trade fair Macfruit, a few days before the first container was unloaded at the port of Shenzhen (Guangdong). “This project has been possible thanks to the synergies created with our Chilean partner, David del Curto,” Zampagna stated. The programme starts when the European campaign ends, and in this first year it contemplates shipping between 50 and 60 containers of Chilean kiwis, mainly to Asia and, to a lesser extent, to Spain.

“Today, the only limiting factors are the volumes,” Zampagna explained. “In 2019 we expect to increase them, and to do this we are planning on bringing in new Chilean partners.” The Sweeki kiwi will be sold both loose and on trays in small fruit sellers, retail stores and supermarkets in several different Asian counties.

Once the European campaign has ended, which has been complicated in general due to the drop in production and the significant difference of prices between large and small sized fruit, Origine Group is now looking ahead, without putting research to one side (they are experimenting with red and yellow kiwi varieties), and at the same time, focusing more effort on diversification, through the brand name ‘Pera Italia’. “The main varieties that we work with, both in volume and in quality, are Abate and Williams, but we have a wide range of typologies.” For next year, the group’s aim is to market its ‘Pera Italia’ on other markets, such as the Northern American one.

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