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Copal is taking on new challenges

The cooperative is immersed in a restructuring and adapting process to face up to new challenges

The organisation has carried out a restructuring of its internal organization chart, with the incorporation of a new sales manager, a person exclusively in charge of persimmon produce and an information technology manager.

Regarding this last figure, Miguel Angel Catalá, the manager of the cooperative, comments on his strong conviction that “part of Copal’s future success will involve our capacity to retain the talent of our personnel, along with the development of new technologies.”

“The final aim of this reorganisation is the satisfaction of customers and a positive return, by way of payments for the associates.”

In the medium and long term, the cooperative will formulate the development of a strategic plan that covers the variety change and the problem of the generational change over of its associates. “If the farmers improve their returns and their profitability, they can take on new investments.”

The problem of the lack of generational changeover in the region is such that the cooperative itself is maintaining a section of crops of around 650 hectares that works entirely for associates who no longer wish to work the land.

Regarding the course of the first part of the campaign, Catalá points out that “it has occurred in a satisfactory way thanks to the good quality of most of the varieties.”

In his second season at the head of the cooperative, the executive explains that satsumas and early clementines and navelinas have better quality than last year and the levels of use of the fruit are optimum, therefore we are gaining efficiency in handling and preparation.”

The Persimon Group

The other important produce from the company is made up of persimmons. Just four years ago they started to market this fruit. “Being in the Persimon Group is a clear advantage that allows us to coordinate our offer and have produce available with higher quality guarantees than that of our rivals.”

The first weeks of the season have shown a good behaviour, exceeding the results of the previous year. During this campaign, we have persimmons with excellent quality and the marketing estimates reach around 10,000 tonnes.

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