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Scientific Traceability to reduce food fraud and product theft

Product theft, adulteration, and substitution are just some of the concerns that exist for companies working within the food supply chain. Scarce products can be stolen and brought back to the markets, and premium products can be substituted by inferior quality products.

Oritain works with companies to minimise their exposure to these risks. It scientifically verifies the origin of the products, and by ascertaining this it can determine if products at any point of the supply chain are true to their origin or have been substituted. This service is based on forensic chemistry and advanced statistical models and relies on the product itself, not in the information that is on the label, barcodes or packaging.

Oritain works with brand owners that want to ensure their product comes from the farms they have audited and authorised. We also work with farmers that have had their product stolen, by scientifically verifying that the product the police suspects has been stolen, belongs to the farmer claiming it.

Food criminals can use sophisticated methods to substitute or adulterate products for economic gain. The service that Oritain provides uses advanced methods and disruptive technology to protect brands and their reputation.

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