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Boliche: Agrios Selectos’ new flagship

The company from Valencia has launched its new clementine brand, Boliche, onto the market

Boliche has been born as a direct result of an important restructuring and technological investment, costing almost one million euros, carried out by the company from Real de Gandía.

New palletisers, but above all, the incorporation of a state-of-the-art calibrator, allow a greater segmentation of the produce.

Up to now, the company, with a business that has always been linked to high quality standards, had two produce categories, but “now we have first a VIP category produce (BrioFruits) and a second category, which corresponds to Boliche, allowing us to increase the quality level of our main brand. If Brio already was a sign of high quality, now it has become the Premium brand and Boliche gives us the opportunity to reach a wider range of customers,” comments Abel Alarcón, manager of Agrios Selectos.

Boliche is mainly aimed at the large retail sector in Germany and some Spanish chains.

Alarcón’s firm belief in the collaboration and joining of synergies in the sector led the company, along with Germans Fuster and Tres Fruta to a joint marketing project, which was launched a year ago: with the creation of the brands ‘Naranja de Valencia’ and ‘Valencia Clementine’. “It is a commitment in which we continue to firmly believe, although at present we are in a period of market research and networking, where the possibilities seem to be extensive,” the executive explains.

The company from Valencia also produces and markets the club variety Orri, which allows its season to be extended without losing any of the quality. “Our market segment is high quality and for this reason Orri fits in very well with our business approach.”

Years ago BrioFruits moved from marketing to the adventure of producing its own citrus fruits and today it has three farms in the town of Lliria and it does not rule out continuing its production expansion.

The company has always been a serious exporter to European countries and its affiliate, Banagrumes, is located in Rungis.

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