Frutifresh: the nimble specialist

High creativity and innovation determine the daily management of the Valencian company Vicente Peris, which started out on its adventure of pre-prepared and convenience food three years ago (Frutifresh).

We visited the new installations in Albuixech (Valencia) covering an area of 2,500m² controlled by the best, state-of-the-art technology.

The company, which has been in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector for over a century, is looking for present and future solutions for consumers, and, at the same time, it is involved in new initiatives that provide added value to all its products, particularly the ones marketed in the pre-prepared and convenience food range.

The management promotes constant evolution in all the products, aimed at anticipating consumers’ and large retailers’ needs. “Pre-prepared and convenience food is a market segment that reached Spain late and is finding it difficult to become consolidated with important growth. It might not be the way I eat fruit, but I am sure that it will be normal for my kids, because we are all looking for ways to eat healthily and faster,” summarises Christian Palacios, the company’s marketing manager.

The company’s main line of work involves its background as a specialist in melons and watermelons. For this reason, on the dates we visited its installations, the heat shrink-wrapped watermelon was the star product in its clean room. This process allows watermelons to have a double skin with a sealed guarantee.

“We don’t understand how product halves can still be sold in hygiene conditions that are not optimum, as regards the knife used and the area where they are cut. The heat shrink-wrapped system and our installations ensure the health quality of the produce 100%,” Palacios guarantees.

The heat shrink-wrapped formats can used for halves or quarters for watermelons and melons. Pumpkins have now been added to this, sliced in controlled atmosphere in tubs of different formats.

Diced fruit

The company presents a wide range of diced fruit for both the Horeca channel and for modern distribution companies. “It is essential to for the fruit to have excellent quality and starting from good raw material, we can combine any mixture and formats. We are a flexible company and we adapt to our client’s requirements. We are constantly on the lookout for new mixtures (fruit with yoghurt, with chocolate) or new cuts and combinations,” the executive remarks.

One of the most successful incorporations is the fruit prepared in syrup with a shelf life of 15 days, for both Horeca and for retail, highly suitable for different processes.

Zero residues in fresh fruit

In the near future, and for conventional fresh fruit, the company will start to implement zero residues, which will cover the company’s entire production for which a logo is being prepared. “We are concerned about sustainability as one of the company’s foundations. We must think that, if we continue acting in way we have always done, there will be no future for our children. Consumers value these actions.”

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